Our Spiritual Mentors

Our worldwide team of the spiritual mentors listed below have received extensive spiritual leadership training as a professional spiritual consultants, spiritual journeymen, ministers, or youth program senior executives through one or more of our sponsors. The training for some of our mentors dates back to the 1960′s with our sponsors. Scroll down to see a brief bio for each of our current Spiritual Mentors.  If you have ever been involved in any of our sponsor’s programs, learn how you can serve as a Spiritual Mentor too!

Each Spiritual Mentor on our site may:

  • Contribute to the site content
  • Publish their own blogs on spiritual topics
  • Publish and promote their upcoming events
  • Advertise their spiritual services and products
  • Utilize our Spiritbook community pages
  • Assist spiritual searchers in our ad-free group forums
  • Participate in our mentors-only groups for advanced leadership training topics, techniques and networking
  • Schedule and moderate online group activities for their apprentices and spiritual searchers

The latest articles by our Spiritual Mentors are available through the links on the Home page.  Clicking on a mentor’s name will take you to their Author page with a listing of their latest articles and other biographical details.  RSS feeds are available for each mentor’s blog, and each category topic includes all related articles posted by our mentors in that specific category.  Our mentors also direct and facilitate online group discussions, moderate our group forums, offer live events (courses, lectures, workshops, study groups, etc.) and help answer your questions throughout our community.

Roberto ConradRoberto Conrad
Involved in spiritual leadership research and psychic development since he was a young man, Roberto currently serves as a speaker, professor and consultant on hundreds of facets of spiritual and psychic energy and communications with the Americana Leadership College®, Astro-Soul®, and Inner Peace Movement® educational mentoring and consulting programs. He worked closely with Dr. Francisco Coll for more than 20 years and is trained to administer many entry level and advanced spiritual profiles designed to help you master yourself and your energy, and overcome limiting concepts. Roberto’s laser-like focus and perception can help you build on your strengths as a soul and light-being by helping you work more clearly and effectively with your inner guidance, angels or spiritual helpers. He is a master at helping you clarify your personal direction and spiritual needs, including your needs for spiritual health, spiritual shelter, and spiritual love and sex.
Dorinda FoxDorinda Fox
Dorinda loves to explore... energy healing, lifetimes, earth's beauty, cultures, creativity, and the wisdom of the universe. She would love to explore outer space if the opportunity presents. Sharing tools for inner awareness and personal growth is her greatest joy.
Anne KelloggAnne Kellogg
Anne is the founder and web designer/developer of SpiritualHelpers.com. Anne began participating in our sponsor's programs in 1969 as a teenager. She is now a Certified Spiritual Consultant and licensed instructor with the Americana Leadership College; a Senior Executive of ALC's Operation Action youth program; a Licensed Minister and Secretary of the Board of Directors for Peace Community Church International, and also serves on the boards of IPM International and Wayshowers Community Fellowship. Many of Anne's immediate and extended family members were also raised in our spiritual programs. Anne currently lives in northern New England offers a wide variety of spiritual training events and consultations for groups and individuals.
Sondra KelloggSondra Kellogg
Sondra is a Senior Executive of Operation Action and directs ALC's Growing Executives of Tomorrow department activities. Currently living in southern California, Sondra designs and manages ALC's summer youth program activities in Osceola, Iowa. Her passion, creativity and drive to work with old souls in young bodies has inspired many young spiritual leaders to make a positive difference in our world.
Melissa KittoMelissa Kitto
Melissa Kitto is known as the Angel Guidance Coach. With over 20 years of personal experience connecting directly with her angels to guide her life’s path and decisions, Melissa has taught thousands to establish a direct communication with their own angels for the past 12 years. Melissa has lectured and presented workshops around the world, and appears frequently in the media including national radio and TV appearances in her home country of New Zealand, such as the Good Morning talk show and Newstalk ZB. Melissa and her partner Richard Lassiter offer the Angel Encounter Workshop, a unique one day intensive workshop for people who want to work with their angels in a direct and practical way. Melissa’s extensive experience with combining intuitive messages with practical real-world achievement makes her the most sought after guide and coach for angelic communication today. Melissa is known for her calm, relaxed way of sharing that makes people feel fully supported and confident to move past their own fears and embrace their dreams – with the help of their angels!
Tom ShantzTom Shantz
Tom is a Director of Spiritual Success Programs Pty Ltd. &, oversees Lead Team Services in Australia. In the USA, he is Vice President of Wayshowers Community Fellowship, a Board Member of Inner Peace Movement International and Peace Community Church International, and a Certified Spiritual Consultant and contracted instructor with the Americana Leadership College.